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Bradley is a Nyiyayparli traditional owner who grew up in Marble Bar and Yandeyarra Community.

From a young age he learned business and enterprise were effective ways to accelerate social change and has spent the last decade running businesses that make a positive impact on Nyiyaparli Country.

Prior to establishing his own companies, including Red Country Management Pty Ltd and Nana D Technologies Pty Ltd Bradley worked on stations and in the resources industry for fifteen years.

He has also held various Aboriginal Corporation Directorships over the past eight years and has worked at both CEO and Managing Director levels within those corporations.

Bradley is currently the Chairperson of Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation and a Board Member for Gumala Investments Pty Ltd.

Contact: brad@coongan.com.au




Chantal is an innovative business strategist and behavioral change expert who is able to drive change in cross-cultural settings.

Through her work she draws together the fields of commerce, human development and change management.

She has spent over 15 years working with Aboriginal organisations, plus corporate, government and non-profits.

Chantal believes the key to cultivating social change is through collaborative approaches, through Aboriginal-owned enterprises.

Prior to joining the Coongan team, she ran her own consultancy practice for eight years.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce and International Business, a Masters in Applied Neuroscience and Certificate in Project Management.

She is also a Certified Leadership Coach and Hogan Practitioner.


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