Our Services



Archaeological Services
  • Archaeological salvage and excavation.
  • Cultural heritage advisory services, management. planning and compliance audits.
  • Heritage assessments and surveys.
Cultural Awareness Education and Consulting
  • Nyiyaparli cultural awareness training.
  • Aboriginal engagement training (supervisor/superintendent).
  • Community consultations and project management.
  • Social impact and research analytics.
Ethnographic Research
  • On-country field trips using qualitative research methods to gather knowledge through intuitive data collection.
Environmental Services
  • Biological surveys (EPA Level 1 & 2) for environmental impact assessments.
  • Environmental management and rehabilitation plans.
  • Ethno-botanical mapping to record traditional. ecological knowledge of native flora and fauna.
  • Mine site rehabilitation, monitoring and mine closures.
  • Seed collection and seed bank establishment.
  • Targeted (threatened) flora and fauna species surveys and monitoring.
  • Weed control programs.
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